Kentucky State Rep. Pamela Stevenson had words for her Republican colleagues over a bill that would ban gender-affirming care for youths.

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  1. Out of curiosity can you call cross checking and boarding at the same time as a double minor? Don't know the rules intimately sorry

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if Detroit wins the NFCN next year. I like the Vikings, even want to a game last year, but a lot of their wins were one score games.

  3. As a Vikings fan I either want us to go 13-4 again or like 4-13 so we can get Williams or Maye. Kirk's NTC kind of prevents us from a full tank and I reckon we end up 9-8 instead.

  4. Ah, yes, let's discriminate and harass those people, surely this won't make things worse

  5. Who said anything about discriminating or harassing? They should be loved and respected and cared for, they're people, after all. But the mental illness should be TREATED, not indulged. If you're an adult, I don't care, fuck yourself up however you want, that's your prerogative. But if you're a kid, every available treatment should be about mental therapy, not physical reconstruction.

  6. Kinda like an anorexia patient gets treated by starving them, right? Or a schizophrenia patient is given more hallucinogenics to fully embrace the condition?

  7. This has been happening to me since high school when I told a girl I wanted to kiss her and she said "I wanted to kiss you too but you ruined the moment so now I don't" lol. I've blown plenty of chances by erring on the side of caution but I'm gonna keep doing it because I know the one time I don't she's gonna change her mind and I'm gonna catch a charge.

  8. The first 10 minutes hurt when they have to inject your scalp with numbing solution (type of novacan) it's anywhere from 12-20 injections. It feels like you're being stung by hornets. It kills, and you realize just how sensitive your scalp is. After the numbing kicks in. They can use your head as a cutting board with a samurai sword, and you won't feel a thing. Just the pressure. The procedure takes about 3-6 hours depending on your needs.

  9. Thanks for the info. Did you have a lot of work done? What country did you get it done and what did it cost? The top sides of my hairline are receding and I've been considering my options, one of which is "live with it," but I just want to gather as much info as I can before committing to any action.

  10. Went to HS with this guy, been following him on the packers and he is a great player, exciting sign

  11. He's been mid or worse his entire career tbh. I like the signing given our depth but I wouldn't call it exciting lol

  12. I'm 28 and never really got involved in the market. I have a retirement plan through my job but don't even really understand how that works. If I wanted to put in 10k (about a third of my liquid assets), how would you recommend I go about doing that?

  13. Here are my suggestions in order of importance.

  14. This is awesome, thank you. Clear and easy steps to get started. I really appreciate it and I'll take some time this week to look into doing this.

  15. Final plot twist: works there 40 years and on retirement day, they give a mug with a company logo that says “thank you”.

  16. Could be worse, my mom just retired and got a rocking chair she hates that she can't give away because her name is engraved lmao

  17. Awww man I'm 5' 11.5" I'd feel like a dwarf standing next to you. Save some ladies for the rest of us

  18. Using multiple men at the same time explicitly for their money is pretty disgusting too tbh

  19. Just revisiting this again. I find it so strange you chose this post here to come after me when I did nothing to you. I mean it’s a post about men raping women even after they’re dead. Do you like to fuck dead women, Moose? Because you seem way too triggered by my simple response about how every woman knows why morgues don’t want to hire men. Strange.

  20. You're getting very defensive. I've never slept with anyone without their consent, dead or alive, and I never will. And personally I'd rather have my corpse sodomized than be used while I'm alive by someone who cares about money more than they'll ever care about another human.

  21. Unfortunately, unless we get him a ring, that probably isn't happening.

  22. Berry was a great player. He was not better than Smith, I'm sorry. He got the nod because he was a great player with a great story. If Smith had more notoriety for any reason he'd be getting all the accolades he's getting snubbed for, but he's just a quiet, hard-working guy, and that's unfortunately bit him in the ass.

  23. 4 or 5 months ago I ordered a few things from Amazon. They sent me everything I ordered, along with an enormous box of 48 rolls of toilet paper, which I did not order. I live alone, I have no shame in pooping at work, and I'm efficient with folding my toilet paper when I wipe. I'm beginning to think this box of toilet paper will last me the rest of my life.

  24. A low-scoring but also high-scoring, great defense but also bad defense team. And we play better without our superstar. What's there to be confused about?

  25. Man I'm reading through these comments and I am just very clearly in the minority here. I would have liked to see a remedial commitment from Briere or some kind of disciplinary action from the university even if it's not expulsion, but beyond that I don't see anything wrong with it. People should be given second chances. Third and fourth chances can get questionable, but how can anyone learn if you just try to destroy their life the minute they make a stupid mistake? Dude was probably just tipsy and saw a rolling object sitting there and got a dumb idea like many guys do. I doubt he even actively considered that there was a bathroom right there and that its owner would return to it shortly.

  26. I was at the Vikings game against the colts. So glad I didn't leave the greatest comeback in NFL history.

  27. I never understood leaving early. Games are fuckin expensive lol. Might as well embrace the suck if you're losing or embrace the glory if you're winning.

  28. fun fact: now Greiss will be credited the loss

  29. She seems like a wonderful person. The type of girl that would find the guy who did it specifically to forgive him and encourage him to help people from now on. What a champ

  30. To the dude in this thread that said MaF is a weakling, I love Binner but have you seen him? Blud's got negative calves

  31. Watch that run in Buffalo again. The run blocking was ridiculously good, Dalvin was barely touched.

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