Holy cow!

I'm in this with you.

For an especially amazing showing.

  1. Any day 1’ers in the chat?? ;)

  2. Probably the tip of the iceberg to say much larger rock and it’s deeper and radiating due to the constant temps below ground

  3. All that work and the stone isn't offset, so it ends up looking like a Lego tower.

  4. Staggered, like how you commonly see bricks or cinderblocks laid. Each new row is offset by a certain amount compared to the row beneath it. Usually just in half, sometimes in thirds.

  5. Which is, in part, because milk was just fucking disgusting back then.

  6. I hadn't seen it before, had to share it to this sub for that wicked back elbow strike at 0:02

  7. Also how bad ass, dudes calm and collected with a solid plan

  8. I love them. All of your stuff is great. What do you use as paint?

  9. $60 on his etsy page. He has other great stuff. Fair price considering labor.

  10. I love my cat, but I'd also lose my shit

  11. Why would you "lose your shit" if your cat was on your Xbox for a minute?

  12. Cuz it takes less than a minute for cat hair to get into anything. I love cats, but damn do I wish they'd shed less.

  13. I get what you mean now. Look up the brush, "furminator". If you have a short hair to medium hair cat this brush is freaking awesome, works so well. Let em smell the brush for a second and go slow to start but my cats didn't like being brushed and love this brush.

  14. That's a nice set up. Looks like an elegant and enjoyable night

  15. Workout and focus on the positives. It's all perspective

  16. It reminds be of brussle sprouts on the stalk and of drying cannabis

  17. Stay where you are. Use the other 30 hours a week to make money in a different way

  18. I love Beefeater with water in winter

  19. This is new to me. 1.5oz of beefeater and the rest is hot water?

  20. I'm stalking your page you make great stuff. I love your style. The coloring on the cardinal is great, your a solid painter as well.

  21. i’ll suck whoever’s dick, idc. i need the login.

  22. Ah yes. The good ol' hugging strat.

  23. and why didnt he continue kicking the leg when ank was jumping

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