It's glorious! CNBC feeling the need to explain themselves.

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50% locked? We've had one, yes. But what about second 50%? 77,188,925 shares left in the free float! 2,011,089 shares DRS'd in the last week! The momentum ain't stopping! You are all amazing! Have a great weekend and cheers everybody!

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DRS Road to 100% update: Free Float has increased but the DRS train ain't stopping baby! Gamers never quit! 79,299,425 shares left until the free float is locked! DRS rate is still going strong! Let's get over 50% again! Cheers everybody

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Holy Moly what a week! Lots of great info to share! 60,828,079 shares left in the free float! This week nearly 3 million shares DRS'd! The DRS rate is going parabolic! Check out the video below to know when the free float will be locked! As always, cheers everybody! Have a great weekend!

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This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

  1. Didn't like the music this time... lover the 53% though

  2. No worries! More beats on the way! I’m in a nostalgic hype kind of mood where I feel like old friends from years ago come together to right the world. Ronald Jenkees does that for me!

  3. Ronald Jenkees, DRS numbers and GameStop all in one post. It doesn’t get much better 😊

  4. So if 71m are drsd and there are still 72m in free float, how does that make 53%??? Wouldnt it be like 49%? I dont maf so good

  5. 71.3 million as of 7/31/2022 officially. Sorry I didn’t have room for a date!

  6. I'll be on hiatus next week! Please continue to check out

  7. Help! - UK ape and I've had a letter arrive for a W-8BEN form. Do I need to complete this? There's stuff on there about tax numbers I have zero clue about!

  8. Any luck? I searched W-8BEN on reddit and it does seem like it is something you may need to fill out. Beyond that I am at a loss :/. So sorry, hope you find the answer!

  9. All thanks to you! I stand on the shoulders of giants! Hope you’re well!

  10. Excellent! Still on the uptrend and barely any slowdown! A little over 5.1 million shares DRS'd (Pre-split numbers) since the last quarter which is fairly consistent! Great job everyone!

  11. Holy shit, haven’t heard Ronald Jenkees in ages!!! 🔥 🎶 🟣

  12. Enjoying your post! Keep it going OP.

  13. Are you making another idk where else to find the DRS% cheers ape

  14. Yes! It’s been a slow week and the percentage hasn’t changed much. Please check out computershared.net for the info! I’ll post one on Monday!

  15. You gotta own a Metaboy by a specified date several days ago. One airdrop for each Metaboy. There’s also a lottery airdrop for the second airdrop and finally you get a third super unique airdrop if you bought during the first week AND still have not sold since then. So awesome that the GME NFT marketplace had this awesome capability. Web3 FTW!

  16. Would the metaboy have to be in our gme wallet by ex date to get the air drop? I moved my metaboy to a different wallet for a couple days.

  17. You can check the Metaboy discord. They have a list of wallet addresses that are confirmed to get the airdrop. My gut feeling says yes you'll get the first airdrop because they can follow the blockchain. But for airdrop #3, idk if moving it to a different wallet would count as "Holding" since the first week or not... I am not sure. You should check out the Discord.

  18. They won’t even mention our sub, just Reddit in general? Seems like they don’t the viewers to read what we post

  19. And that is at ethereum current price of 1500 Just imagine those 361 ethereum when it goes back to all time highs of 4600. The value would increase by a million.

  20. And that Eth could be used to as dividends to hand out to employees too?

  21. I didn't know that I got free rent in his head.

  22. Question! I saw a bunch of posts a bit ago saying we were around 54% locked. Just curious, how are we back down to 50 again?

  23. I'll repost what I commented on from a previous post. Numbers are different but hopefully it'll clarify:

  24. Sorry i wasnt clear enough. I meant i am personally 99.99% drsd. I think collectively we at best average 50% of our holdings drs (those who still also hold in brokers or iras)

  25. Gotcha. Youtuber Richard Newton did a great survey collecting information on that very question. I remember he said that if you account for both US and international apes he got around 40% DRS'd and rest in brokers/IRA accounts. The DRS percentage was lower for international apes due to lots of various obstacles. We definitely have the shares, it's just a matter of time before it gets locked!

  26. I’ve got my recurring auto buy at $2k/month in COMPUTERSHARE. Such a great feeling to be contributing to this historical peaceful movement to hopefully correct the wrongdoings of Wall Street

  27. Does the DRS bot automatically take the split dividend into account for shares reported before the split or so you need to load that separately?

  28. Yes! All shares posted pre-split were adjusted post split.

  29. Wow that is actually insane. I wonder how it’s verified though because I don’t think that’s public information.

  30. GameStop has been announcing the DRS numbers for the last 3 earnings report. And the DRS bot has been fairly accurate given the information flowing in! You can see how well it trends on the DRS estimates chart on

  31. This is my favorite one! Pithy and straight to the point!

  32. Exactly. The better question is why OP posted a screenshot with 6M less DRS shares than what computershared.net is showing right now.

  33. He's using the DRSbot dataset as opposed to the Reddit Scraper one

  34. So I haven't been paying as much attention, so can someone ELI5 to me how we went from 53% locked to 48% locked? Please and thank you.

  35. 74,669,115 (DRS shares) / 135,286,792 (old free float) = 55.19% locked

  36. Ok. So there’s no official count I guess. You’re operating on the premise that no one who posted that they drs has sold?

  37. The official count comes from GameStop themselves every 3 months during their earnings report. The next one is I believe September 14th. The last report they announced. 12.7 million shares pre-splivy registered, or 50,800,000 million shares directly registered as of April 30th, 2022.

  38. Still demoralising get over 50% to be knocked down. Can’t ever see 100% being done that’s 79 mil shares

  39. Retail has already DRS'd 74.6 million shares just within the year, and it's gaining more momentum as apes start realizing that the DTCC is committing international securities fraud. For me, I believe it will hit 100% and beyond. 79 million shares is attainable. We got the time, the motivation, and the desire for change. All they can do is make us think we're losing. Only a matter of time friend. Only a matter of time.

  40. I believe you can post in the GEE-EM-EEE subreddit as the karma requirement is lower than SuperStonk to update the DRS bot

  41. I love the new look! Smooth! Keep up the great work!

  42. Insiders own about 17.4% of outstanding shares compared to retail’s 24.53% of outstanding shares

  43. Your graph is a simple FUD killer.Anyone should be able to have a calm weekend as a result. thank you kindly.💥🙏💥🔥🔥

  44. We stick together! No ape gets left behind!

  45. 145 days from today is a fuckin TUESDAY. 1/10/23.

  46. I always get my information from the good people who run computershared.net! Shout out to

  47. It changed again, there's now an uptick at 4:35PM. Just more BS and crime.

  48. Can't be. My DRS was on Aug 4, and this was the DRS Bot share total - 12,959,334

  49. It was 52.08% a week ago. 54.86% today. Tonight

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