1. yeahhhh im not using a non-suppressed gun in warzone.

  2. anything besides primary towers + ben is a trap

  3. Am I the only one who remembers IW intentionally taking nighttime maps out of all rotations because they were wildly unpopular...

  4. I'm someone who doesn't like it, it feels really iffy. On concept it's fun and cool but once you experience it once or twice you just want to go back to normal CoD. IIRC it glared in a weird way and visibility was pretty shitty

  5. i agree visibility was shitty and not in a fun "horror movie" kind of way but in a House of Dragons "what the fuck is even happening" kind of way

  6. The armored ones are basically terminators that take 75 rounds to down….it’s wild 😂

  7. 75 rounds??? Either your aim is shit, or you're intentionally shooting off every piece of armor before going for a kill shot on flesh.

  8. not gonna lie but if you use proxim chat you shouldnt complain if someone uses it to sneak up on you..

  9. Exfil camping is (whether we like it or not) a core component of extraction shooters though. That's like saying you like Warzone but don't like that it's PvP...

  10. Give the locker a fixed amount of allotment slots, and each items takes up a certain number of slots.

  11. After unlocking tier 2 insurance slot, I stopped caring. I just hunt squads now

  12. Just finishing up T3 missions for the 2nd slot. The GPS tracker mission is the last one we gotta do. Any tips?

  13. Are these health values correct? Holy hell, DDTs are way weaker than I thought lol

  14. LMAO jGod is a "pro player" now? The dude with a 1.5kd in warzone 1?

  15. Also something to align the colour of the metals too, its so hard to get metal armour to match up, because some are slightly gold, some are blue, some are grey, some brown, some are super shiny, some slightly different shade of gold to the other 4 shades of gold we have already like omg

  16. Loretta's armor is super shiny. Like bright silver shiny, and all of the other silver / metal armor is dull, faded, or worn. I love the look of the armor (shiny & pristine metal with gold & blue trim) but the helmet looks so stupid, and I just want a nice silver helmet to go along with it

  17. I was just thinking the same thing, last time we saw him he was with mohg, maybe the formless mother got ahold of him and we get to see a blood+sleep miquella

  18. But even mohg has a significant resistance to holy. if what you imply is true, then mohg should also take extra holy damage.

  19. That would be insanely cool, but just imagine losing a game because of an AI bird giving away your position.

  20. You mean like that one map in MW2019 that had the large grassy knoll with a power line in the middle?

  21. "even Sylas uses it better than"

  22. what ? wait I saw plunder in one of the texts :0 my bad completely

  23. reading this entire text chain my guy your reading comprehension is god awful

  24. Nobody knows, as there will probably be some rebalancing in the same patch. If there isn’t the meta will still be RPK/Fennec.

  25. fennec for sure, but RPK?? idk, the ttk is respectable at range & the recoil is excellent, but for rebirth the recoil doesn't really need to be perfect. just usable enough to get away with fighting ~40m out.

  26. Excited by all that green. Hopefully it’s vibrant and blackout esque colours and not yellow brown like caldera

  27. why are you excited by all the green? that's exactly what made caldera so shit; the unbelievably high amount of just open fields & grassy hills.

  28. Ace has a good video with ammo types where he goes into detail. I can’t remember off the top of my head, but it’s either 2.5% or 5%, and since this game has hard damage cutoff windows, it will very rarely make a difference.

  29. Or better yet, instead of watching 2 ads, an intro, a random clip while he repeats the title of the video, then finally the data, you can simply go to sym.gg to know the stats of any attachment. Since he gets all of his data exactly from sym.gg anyway

  30. He was useful for me when we didn’t have sym. Still like watching it for his opinion

  31. I guess that's where we diverge. I personally think his opinions are hot garbage.

  32. They aren't going to buff Teemos shrooms. They have acknowledged on at least two occasions that shrooms are iconic to Teemo's fantasy AND toxic for the overall game. Thus they currently take up an outsized amount of his power budget and riot won't compensate him when they get nerfed.

  33. you straight up got outplayed lmao hit your shots my guy

  34. https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmhbT3LoIonTVikSepND72rD05G-moCEI

  35. have you ever played The Last of Us? the protagonist, Joel, is meant to be late 40s early 50s in that game, and so the movement/handling is very sluggish in that game.

  36. Isn't taqV only ideal up to like 50m anyway?

  37. it hasn't been well known, but shooting in the neck halves TTK.

  38. can someone explain why brickell is so high

  39. Passive allows her to make some shortcuts no one else can

  40. this is the only intermediate map i got black border on

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