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  1. Yeah, I was losing it over pennies I suppose. I’ve taken a few deep breaths and cracked a cold one.

  2. When this is over you won’t remember that you bought some shares at $20, $21, or $23. You’ll only remember selling them for what you believe they’re worth.

  3. Yooo how does this not have more comments? Stuff like this is great for the future of NFT gaming which is only going to benefit this amazing company. Onboarding is the most tedious part of the crypto process. From there it’s just sending and receiving, which they also locked down well. Bullish AF!

  4. I knew that about Starbucks (my husband is an architect and has drawn a few that have been built around town) but had no idea Chipotle even had locations with a drive-through. Today I learned that’s a thing (or at least in process to be a thing)!

  5. The one at speedway and Campbell has a drive through, but it’s only for pickup orders, you can’t order at the window. I’m wondering if they’re all like this or if there’s a place with a truly drive through experience

  6. Not a high quantity but I’m one of the lucky ones who timed the top at 27 per share 😎

  7. I would love someone from this network to have to actually answer this. We know the criminal fucks on that side invest in psyops. Is this a move out of that playbook? Alter the logo so it blends in and doesn’t stand out?

  8. Make them all bright and colorful to subtly imply it’s a meme or something clownish.

  9. Seriously “I’m mad that someone who actually needs this is getting it and not me because it looks cool” is so fucking stupid.

  10. I can honestly say I have never run lfr on my main for any reason other than transmog. I am one of those silly people with over 95% of plate transmog collected and I really liked lfr for that. Now I won’t be running it at all because it is 100% pointless for me. Getting gear because it’s an upgrade is very temporary, getting gear for the mogs is eternal.

  11. Insurance companies attempt to maximize their profits, which is the money they get from people like you who don’t have accidents. It’s call price optimization in the insurance world. The companies have reams of data about your spending and savings habits. They know how much money you have and how sensitive you are to price increases. So yes, there may be other factors, but it could be that they are simply betting you won’t shop around for another policy. Go online and compare identical coverage and deductibles and see if other companies have similar rates. Or call an independent agent and have him give you some quotes. Your current insurer may just be thinking you’ll do the lazy thing & just loyally pay your premium to do them.

  12. That’s not quite it. They do yearly analysis and if you live in an area code that has a higher chance of accidents or claims, your rates go up. I worked for an independent agency for a while and as far as I’m aware someone’s income and spending habits never once came into the equation.

  13. At the agency level, they won’t. Price optimization comes into play at the corporate rate setting level. Drivers are rated on traditional loss risk data - years of driving, loss history, make/model, garage location, etc. But the actuarial research & algorithms show that non-driving factors are correlated to claims also. The company will look at your credit score, consumer data, demographic characteristics. Actuaries crunch huge amounts of non-insurance related consumer data and use the correlation information to price your policy. Several states say it illegal, but proving it would require an army of PhD mathematicians & access to the model and inputs. Essentially, the company rates you on price sensitivity. They are betting that Susie won’t balk at a premium increase because she purchases ribeyes at Safeway whether they are $11.99 or $18.99.

  14. That’s actually really interesting and I had never heard of that until now. Glad my own insurance company apparently thinks I’m a cheapskate because my premium hasn’t gone up much at all since signing a few years ago

  15. Every Ret I’ve been grouped with so far has been an absolute mongo pumper. Walking cannon. Complete gun with legs. Made of bullets. Destroyer of spreadsheets. Devourer of tier lists. Defiler of the meta. You get the point. The only thing that matters is the person behind the keyboard. If you’re good, you’re good. If you’re bad, you’re bad. A tier list on wowhead won’t change that.

  16. God damn reading this just made me proud to be a Ret main

  17. Why two expansions ago? Why not also the previous expansion? It's not like previous expansion content is relevant other than for farming transmogs anyway.

  18. The last time I smoked salvia I thought my arms were cactus and I refused to move because I didn’t want to poke anyone, my buddy was just crawling on his hands and knees drooling and moaning. You MUST have a sober person with you even though the high only lasts 2-3 minutes.

  19. Omg I thought I was a book and I was leaning against an embankment telling the sober person there that if I leaned forward I would tear my spine and lose all my pages

  20. Lmao I was heading west on speedway and watched a guy ignore the no right turn sign as he turned to go north and ended up in the wrong lane earlier this evening. I can’t help but wonder how long he drove down the road before realizing he was on the wrong side of the street driving into oncoming traffic

  21. Lvl 64 actually, and from memory the item level is high enough to never have to upgrade the item until 70

  22. Yeah leveling a toon now and the gear I can craft with these is very good for my level. Hoping to get more of these lol

  23. Lmao dude’s 1/3 through it already on week one after doing everything he could and thinks that’s slow progress

  24. To some extent, I agree. I’ve been a bit aimless since hitting max level. I think what’s throwing me off is that I actually have to decide what I WANT to do rather than worry about what I NEED to do

  25. I’ve just been doing complete random bullshit that normally would feel like an absolute chore if it was tied behind ap grind or something else, but man.

  26. I just spent some time at a fishing spot while chatting with friends and planning out my transmog. Feelsgoodman.

  27. All the Things is a good addon. You can configure it to track all kinds of stuff like pets, mounts, transmog, toys, etc. It will break down what you’re tracking by expansion, zone, and provide some detail about how to get it. There will always be some pieces you may need to google to figure out, but all the boss drops and quest rewards will tell you what boss or quest to do for that reward.

  28. Skipped a step and purchased on ComputerShare so my buy and DRS button is the same 😏

  29. Majority of subs on Superstonk are not DRS.

  30. I’m convinced there’s less than 300k real people here. The rest are tourists and bots. Change my mind lol

  31. When did I say it wasn't bullish? I'm just asking what your rationale for a bottle of water being bullish

  32. Of course it’s easier on the meta classes, but there are always exceptional players able to perform well with suboptimal builds. If someone is streaming, it is more likely that they are going to be decent enough players to have an audience wanting to watch them.

  33. Buy through computershare and skip the brokers altogether.

  34. What’s XRT historical short percent? Before this goddamn beautiful black swan?

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