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I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

  1. I mean, she just had twins right? I barely know that IG but timing makes sense she stopped while pregnant…

  2. Part of me wants to follow and the other part knows I'll just get angry at every post 😅

  3. Wait what happened to Mel? She was like the opposite of what Seneda is promoting. No one should be in the gym for 2 hours/day. That screams overtraining. And still training on almost no sleep?! Lmfao what a joke. This is a major injury waiting to happen, and she’s most likely going to see muscle atrophy from not allowing her body to rest properly

  4. All other points aside, I'm a nanny where both parents WFH. I'm not going to lie, it takes the right nanny to be ok with that, and then there is an adjustment period. Things that help:

  5. STOP, I'm just picturing little square shaped intestines

  6. The largest pizza on record was 13,580.28 square feet. Don’t worry you’ll be fine

  7. They can't put Atlantean lore in and NOT have Atlantean characters

  8. Paula's choice BHA smells exactly like baby spit up and I ended up giving it away because I couldn't get past the smell

  9. Dumb question, but what's the point of storing some of everything? Is it so if you need quest items you already have everything and can just shop essentially? Or just for fun? I'm still trying to figure out gameplay and tactics

  10. I’m in the same boat and don’t know what to do, literally just being up in the sky drives me nuts.

  11. My exact fear. I'm taking a tester flight ('s because gotta return 🙃) tomorrow to ease back in before a huge flight in a few weeks. We can do this.

  12. All I’ve seen is stunning AI images… until this one. She looks worse 😆

  13. As someone who has done this, about 75% of the images turn out looking like this 😅🤣 I just hope she didn't post this specific one thinking it actually looks good lol

  14. It feels fake and like she's trying to be too hard to be edgy

  15. The only app I'm genuinely excited for is gainsbybrains

  16. Can any internet experts tell if OP handled the situation correctly? Or, we’re they just lucky? I live in the sticks and often wonder about the correct coyote encounter protocol.

  17. Hi, just moved from the desert. Throwing rocks and picking up a stick or log to use as protection is good measure. Don't turn your back, be big and loud. A lonely coyote will lead you to its pack, rarely will a lone coyote attack. If you see more than one, that's when you're in trouble

  18. do you think she will? Her PhD is with Buttermore can you change that?? Maybe she’ll have 2 last names lol

  19. My best friend is a Dr. and professionally goes by her maiden name but all her personal stuff and official documents that aren't work related are with her married name. I suspect at least she'll officially change it but might still go by Buttermore for work

  20. I love your nose. If the hump is what bothers you, I'd maybe try the filler nose job and see if you like that before deciding to go full rhino. Filler nose jobs can work wonders

  21. Ok also bull dogs are an unethical unnatural breed. Idk why people try to flex them

  22. Yes, however bulldogs and bullys are two different breeds! Bullys are derived from pitts

  23. To be fair, she said it was the second incident with this dog

  24. The game is too psychological now and very few people who deserve to win actually do anymore

  25. As someone with a degree in journalism and writing... my head hurts

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